Macy Guisto, 

Physical Therapist

Macy graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in May of 2020 with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Prior to Thomas Jefferson she earned her B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State University. Macy started at WPT in June of 2021.

When asked about her passion for PT, Macy said “I am fully committed to providing patient-centered care focused on empowering each patient to achieve their goals. A large passion of mine is working closely with each patient to uncover what drives that individual most — tapping into this potential can allow the patient to excel immensely at achieving their goals! Furthermore, I pride myself on providing a holistic approach to patient care in which we focus not only on the physical aspect of movement optimization, but also the mental component.”

Macy also believes in Wonsettler Physical Therapy’s holistic approach. “WPT provides me with the unique opportunity to connect with my patients on a deeper level during our 1-on-1 sessions to facilitate lasting healthy changes. Within each session, I am truly able to gain a deeper appreciation for my patients journey thus far — in turn allowing me to guide them on this new path to health.”

When Macy isn’t at WPT, you can find her baking and doing DIY projects at home. Macy is also an avid runner!