Michelle S.
Neck Pain

Michelle, a secretary at Bentworth Elementary School, had been dealing with neck pain. It was progressing and driving was becoming a difficult task. Michelle quickly began seeing remarkable improvements after just a couple of sessions with Lenny. WPT continued monitoring her progression and adjusting her plan accordingly.

Bruce B.
Knee Injury

Bruce slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. After fighting through the pain and discomfort for several months, his friends began commenting on his noticeable limp. At that point, he decided to take action and visit WPT. We attacked the problem at the source and now Bruce is back to his daily walks with his wife, pain free.

Dakota H.
Ankle Reconstruction | Neck Pain

After visiting several physical therapists in the past but experiencing little progress, Dakota decided he was going to give WPT a shot. The customized approach the WPT offers was a huge improvement over his previous experiences. He is experiencing now less pain and less headaches.

“It feels amazing to be able to get back out and do the things that I was doing before.”

Leg Pain

Amy has been a patient of ours for a few months and she is a textbook example of why it is so important to see a physical therapist if you are having issues with your ability and freedom to move. I sat with Amy for a bit to ask her some questions about her story…

Melissa’s Story
Starting Over

Starting over is scary; there is no doubt about it. Challenging yourself to overcome adversity and pull yourself up is no small feat, but for Melissa, it was a challenge she was ready to face.

In November of 2018, Melissa had a stroke that put her in the hospital for three weeks. When she left the hospital in December, she knew immediately that things were going to be different. “I had to relearn how to do everything again. I couldn’t walk or talk right; I had no control processing different things. Walking up and down the stairs, standing and sitting, really everything,” Mellisa said.

Virginia’s Story
Finding Freedom

“You think I’m going to come to the lake and not try to catch a few fish?”

This was the first thing I heard Lenny say when I arrived at Cross Creek Lake a few weeks ago. Lenny was unloading some kayaks from his truck and grabbed his fishing pole to take along with him on the journey.

Ken’s Story
His Recovery Journey

“I have always been an active person. It’s hard enough as it is getting old, but old and inactive is a killer”.

These are the words of Ken, a patient at WPT. Ken has been a patient of ours for nine months and after following his story since last November, I knew I had to join him for a session of PT and fully understand how he got where he is now. Ken’s is a miraculous story about sickness, health, and the importance of maintaining hope.

Brian’s Story
His Customized Plan

Meet Brian, a patient at WPT who has a history with physical therapy.

“Being an active person on the older side, various activities aggravated some previous injuries. I sought out PT to improve those issues.”

These issues prevented Brian from doing his daily activities around his farm and playing sports. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get back to 100%.

Chuck’s Story
Reclaiming his Freedom to Move

From a devastating motorcycle crash to reclaiming his freedom to move, Chuck’s journey at WPT has been nothing short of remarkable.

When a deer unexpectedly crossed his path last fall, Chuck found himself in a life-altering motorcycle accident. With seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a lacerated kidney, and a broken back, Chuck’s injuries were extensive. Adding to the complexity, his shoulder and hand were also shattered.