Brian’s Journey: Overcoming Injuries and Regaining His Active Lifestyle with WPT

Meet Brian, a patient at WPT who has a history with physical therapy.

“Being an active person on the older side, various activities aggravated some previous injuries. I sought out PT to improve those issues.”

These issues prevented Brian from doing his daily activities around his farm and playing sports. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get back to 100%.

But then Brian met Lenny. Lenny customized a plan to fit his main issues and adjusted his program as certain things got better, adding exercises if things were not improving.

“Lenny didn’t just work on the troubled area, he made a plan to work on the whole system surrounding my injury. This helped me improve my strength, balance, flexibility, and anything else that he saw necessary.”

Thanks to WPT, Brian has the tools to maintain his active lifestyle and improve his overall health and activity level.

“I am certain that I would not be anywhere near the physical and mental shape that I am in now if I did not have PT. I have had many experiences with other physical therapists, but WPT is by far the best place that I have ever gone for treatment.”