1% Better

What an incredibly simple idea.  Get 1% better.  But why is it so hard?   Most of us try, fail, and get discouraged.  We feel hopeless.  Like we won’t be able to make the changes necessary to feel and move better. 

But, the only necessary thing is to focus on improving your health just by 1%.  This could literally mean eating 3 Oreo’s before bedtime, as opposed to your typical 5.  And that is a VICTORY!  I’m serious here.  If you can make small, consistent, incremental changes, you will IMPROVE.  That’s what it should be all about.  Don’t focus on where you aren’t, just focus on getting 1% better.  

Here is the 3 step process:


THere’s likely someone that has already “succeeded” in the area you’re looking to improve.  Follow that person/people, and learn from them.  They likely did the same exact thing when they were on their path to improvement (Here’s a secret though, they haven’t arrived either – The successful people you see – they’re still focusing on trying to get 1% better too.)  Read, listen to, and study from those who have obtained success in the domain you’re wanting to improve.  Don’t get nutritional advice from the dietician that says “me too!” when you say to them, I’d like help in losing 20# and decreasing my sugar intake to manage my Diabetes.  


Knowing what to do is almost never the hardest thing about making a change and improving in an area.  It’s most often a problem of poor implementation.  Professionally, I know this has been a struggle of mine.  If I put HALF of the knowledge I’ve gained through going to continuing education courses, I would be one of the PT greats.  Yet, I’ve often done some average job at implementation, which eventually results in me going back to my old ways of doing things.  Not to say that I’m a poor PT, but I know it would be better if I was better at implementing the knowledge I’ve consumed.  


Plussing is what Walt Disney referred to as continuous improvement.  Disney loved the idea of Disney World so much, in part because he said: “it would never be complete”.  When Disney made a movie, once that movie went to the box office, it was totally finished.  But his amusement park, Disney World, would always be on a journey of getting better, 1% at a time.  He loved that each year the trees would grow and become more beautiful!   And to this day his legacy continues, as Disney World is always focusing on making things more appealing, and more compelling.  

In essence, this is how we need to view our lives.  Do not focus on what others are capable of, or are accomplishing.  Only see how you can get a little better, each and every day.  Some days you may slip, but if you are always pursuing 1% better, your life and your health will look dramatically different over time.  

So it’s that simple.  It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  Start TODAY!  Think about the above 3 steps, and don’t hesitate. You won’t be perfect, but you’ll be on the way to a better you.