Beyond Kegels: The Real Deal with Pelvic Floor Fitness

We’ve all heard about Kegels and their magic for pelvic floor strength, but let’s get real – lying on your back and squeezing isn’t the whole story.

Sure, Kegels have their perks, but they’re just one piece of the puzzle. Imagine your pelvic floor as a superhero team – Kegels are like the captain, but there’s a whole squad behind them.n

Think big: beyond Kegels, here’s what matters:

Core Power: It’s not just about the surface muscles. Deep core stabilization is like the foundation of a sturdy house – you need it to hold everything up, including your pelvic floor.

Teamwork: Lumbopelvic control is the buddy system at work. Your lower back and pelvis need to communicate and work together like dance partners for a smooth, strong pelvic floor performance.

Smooth Moves: Coordination training is like teaching your muscles to tango. It’s about getting the right muscles to join the party at the right time, ensuring your pelvic floor is a star performer.

Real-Life Tests: Functional loading is the ultimate challenge. It’s like taking your pelvic floor to the gym and teaching it to handle real-life situations.

Kegels are great, but they’re just the beginning. Dive into deep core love, perfect your teamwork, groove with coordination, and conquer real-life tests.

If your routine feels like a broken record, switch the track!