Does Your Neck Move More Like an Owl or a Stump?

There are SO many things that can cause neck pain and limited mobility. Sometimes you may not have pain, but your neck isn’t moving as it should. Ever notice how it’s harder than it used to be turning your head while driving?

In this video, Kelsey describes ONE of the issues you may be facing if your neck is hurting or not moving as it should.

Your neck has joints that move in several directions. If these joints aren’t freely able to move, you’ll have a hard time turning your head in a variety of directions.

In this circumstance, Lenny had a facet joint problem on the left side of his neck.

Your issue may be muscular.

The approaches to treating them are different, but it’s easy for us to determine what the problem is and perform the right treatments that are going to get you back to OWL STATUS!

Perform a self-assessment – if you’re not able to bring your chin all the way to your chest, turn your head over each shoulder easily, equally, and without pain, or look upward fully, you shouldn’t wait to deal with it.

Addressing these limitations will pay dividends. The longer some imbalance persists, the harder it will be to overcome.