This step is probably the most straightforward step, as well as being quite possibly the hardest. On one hand, the hard work of figuring things out is done. It takes a lot of emotional fortitude to work through the first 4 steps. However, it takes the ultimate self discipline to do the work set before you. And keep doing it. Without quitting. Great planners who don’t execute their plans go nowhere.

This is all about habits. We all have habits, and we have a lot of them. Some of them serve us well, and help us move in the direction we want. Other habits are killing us, figuratively and sometimes even literally.

You almost certainly will not be able to do all of these 5 steps well. And that’s ok. Almost no one has the ability or aptitude to do all 5 of these things at a very high level. For example, goal setting requires higher level thinking skills like visualization and prioritization. Identifying and not tolerating problems requires you to be perceptive and good at information synthesis. Diagnosing well requires you to be logical and methodical. The doing part requires self discipline, a results oriented focus, and good work habits. I know I certainly don’t have all of these qualities in spades, and you probably don’t either. That’s ok! Weaknesses don’t matter if you find solutions and workarounds for them.

That’s a wrap for the 5 step process for getting what you want. We hope this has been helpful for you! We would love to interact with you about your journey with the 5 step process. Please like and subscribe – we would love to hear from you!