YOUR bullseye is the thing(s) that your pain has affected you from doing. Low back causing you to avoid playing with the grandkids? Well, your bullseye is being able to play with your grandkids without fear of having to worry about what your low back is going to feel like the next day.

Having a very clear bullseye can give you the motivation to have the endurance to overcoming that pain that won’t go away. Yes, you do need a PLAN. You need to know what to do. But, you will also need to put in a ton of hard work. And you may need to do that for 6 months. Maybe a year!

This is incredibly difficult, and it’s so easy to quit. It’s easy to get frustrated. To feel hopeless.

Knowing what your bullseye looks like, and what life can be like on the other side, can give you the endurance to keep with it!