Internal Vs External Locus of Control

In our last blog we talked about fixed mindset vs growth mindset and provided insight on how to transition from a more fixed oriented mindset to a growth oriented mindset. We want to continue on this topic because, like we’ve said 1000 times, the way in which we think will impact the way we physically feel. At WPT, we know this to be true, and strive to impart this truth to all of our patients. The most effective treatment addresses MIND, body, and spirit.

Today’s focus on this topic is comparing internal vs external locus of control. These are psychological terms that describe two different mindset realities. The first is what’s called an external locus of control. People who have an external locus of control believe that successes or failures are a direct result of external factors beyond their control. These factors can include luck, fate, circumstance, injustice, and bias. In contrast, people who have an external locus of control believe that their successes and failures are a result of their own abilities.

On a daily basis, it seems that almost 90% of things that happen are outside of our control; something that we have no influence over. Some people focus on that 90%. They focus on things that they cannot change and it dictates their thoughts, emotions, and feelings which can ultimately dictate how they feel physically. On the flipside, there are people that focus on the 10%. These are the 10% of things that are within your control. It seems like these are the people that have things figured out. They have an understanding of what objectives they want to accomplish and how to go about getting there because they have a clear sense of how this 10% will influence other things.

The challenge for you is figuring out where you have a blind spot. What areas of your life are you giving too much energy and import to things that are outside of your control? Where can reign that in, flip the script, and focus on the things that you do have control over?

Here’s to a stronger, more resilient you!