Is Your Wing Winging in the Right Ways?

When folks think about what may be the reason as to why their shoulder is hurting, they aren’t likely thinking about their shoulder blade. BUT, our scapula (shoulder blade) motion is critical to having correct movement at the shoulder joint.

There are lots of ways to facilitate the shoulder blade moving well, and taping is one of them. Check out the time lapse of Charlie taping Lenny to help keep the correct postural position of the scapula.

It’s really common after a shoulder injury (or just an overuse issue like sitting at a desk all day) for your shoulder blade to become stiff and limited, and “stuck” in the wrong position, affecting what happens at the shoulder joint. If these mobility problems aren’t fixed, doing simple rotator cuff or shoulder strengthening exercises won’t cut it, and you’ll struggle with shoulder pain, especially when you lift and use your arm in the overhead position.

Next we’ll show you some things you can do at home to work on your shoulder blade motion!

Stay tuned, and stay healthy!

WPT Team