Overcoming Back Pain: How Physical Therapy Helped Jill Regain Her Freedom to Move

Jill’s story is a testament to the transformative power of physical therapy.

Struggling with low back pain for most of 2022, Jill knew that PT was an option, but hesitated to try it, thinking it might be a waste of time.It wasn’t until Jill’s once-active lifestyle became significantly constrained.

“I could only sleep for a few hours in a bed before I had to move to the couch for more support on my back. I wasn’t enjoying bike riding, long walks, or yoga anymore. I was even avoiding playing outside with my kids.”n

That’s when Jill decided to give WPT a call.

At WPT, we carefully listen to your story and needs before creating a tailored plan. In Jill’s case, we knew she would benefit from seeing two Physical Therapists with different specialties, Macy and Tyra.

Starting with massage, stretching, and muscle loosening, Macy was able to help Jill’s nervous system calm down, enabling her to focus on specific areas of her body that required attention. n

With Tyra’s guidance, Jill learned how to strengthen and engage her core. This improved her posture, stability, balance, and reduced her risk of further injury.n

“I am now back to yoga, bike riding, playing with my kids, and walking miles at a time. I hope to continue to grow my knowledge and continue my path to a healthier lifestyle.”

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort that is interfering with your daily life, take a page out of Jill’s book and seek the help of a physical therapist. You may be surprised at the transformative results you can achieve with the right guidance and support.

Don’t wait to start living your best life. Contact Wonsettler Physical Therapy today!