Overhead Athletes, This One is for You Pt. 2

In the last video we talked about the 4 most common adaptations that occur with overhead athletes. For a recap, here they are again. Excessive external rotation, decreased internal rotation, ER weakness and shoulder blade dysfunction. To see our last video, visit this link here

Today we’re going to give you a really abbreviated version of simple but very effective arm care routine you can perform if you play any overhead sport. These exercises are specifically designed to address the adaptations we’ve mentioned above.

Sleeper stretch: This stretch is to address limitations in internal rotation range of motion

External Rotation with a band: This exercise will help strengthen your shoulder in a way that is not likely getting strong in your training, unless you’re doing this or very similar exercise

W’s: This is a great exercise to improve the stability and function of your shoulder blade, which is really important for good shoulder mechanics.

Serratus push ups: Strengthening the Serratus Anterior muscle is really integral in providing shoulder stability for you overhead athletes.

Try these four exercises to assure you’re performing at your best, taking care of your shoulders, and staying away from physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons!