In the last video, you heard me describing the crazy notion that pain can be GOOD! Though that is absolutely true and though we can all appreciate how pain can inform us and shape us in the positive, it’s much easier to FEEL and KNOW that pain SUCKS!

Especially pain that LASTS! Tearing a ligament in your knee chasing after your grandchild can really hurt, but what is much worse is having that pain for a long time, and ultimately it affecting how you walk. Then it affects how well you can get out of a chair. And before you know it, 5 years later you’ve realized that you’ve stopped chasing your grandkids, had to crawl up the stairs at your house, and you can barely get off of the toilet without a hoist!

Here is the message. Don’t think you have to live in pain. No one should be relegated to a life of ongoing pain. The pain will change how you move and ultimately rob you of the FREEDOM to do whatever you want.

The first step is deciding to do something about it. Get fed up, and then act! Find someone that can help you. Try something. And keep trying something till you find what works for you. We know a lot of our patients that have tried a LOT of different things to overcome their pain. And many things didn’t work. But they still kept searching for a solution. Know that though you may have tried a bunch of different things, you haven’t tried EVERYTHING. So don’t give up. There’s a way out of chronic pain. I promise!

In the next video, you’re going to hear what happens in chronic pain and what you can do about it to start reversing the process and taking back control of your pain and your life.