Take Action!

If you’re someone that’s been following our content recently you know that we’ve been covering chronic pain, and have focused heavily on helping you understand what pain is and what’s going on. This is ultra important because we know from the research that one of the core components in overcoming it is to know more about pain and how it uniquely pertains to your situation.

BUT, today is going to be different. I want to give you some action oriented tips you can take to overcome your pain.

It’s so common to feel hopeless when you’ve had pain for 6 months. Or 6 years! This is totally understandable. But, if you’re going to have some hope, you’re going to need to see some progress. You need to know you’re taking the right steps in doing something about it. The following 3 things will help you know you’re heading in the right direction:




Let’s say right now you know you can only walk for 5 minutes before your back or your knee flare up and you can’t do any more.

I have three challenges for you. First, walk 5 minutes EVERY DAY. Second, resolve to doing just 10% more each week. Third, WRITE IT DOWN!

Here’s the math – That would mean that you walk 5:30 seconds the following week. And the third week you would be walking about 6 minutes.

I’m hoping that this seems do-able for you, because it really should be.

If you can stay consistent, and track it by writing it down, you’ll gain some momentum and begin forming a HABIT. This is HUGE!

So, set yourself a modest goal, write it down, and hold yourself accountable.