The CONTEXT of your PAIN

The pain you’re experiencing is 1000% of the time in your brain, and REALLY relies on CONTEXT.

An identical finger injury will cause more pain in a violinist than a dancer, because that type of injury is more of a threat to the violinist!

Pain exists to preserve and protect you. ALWAYS! Again, this is influenced by context largely, and does not always correlate to how much any of your tissues may be injured.

Which do you think would hurt more? Injuring your knee while scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, or experiencing the exact same injury from a fall at work? Here are the contexts that you should consider when thinking about YOUR pain.

The location, situation and current setting you find yourself in. Your beliefs, values and understanding and knowledge you bring with you.

As we work through these issues with our clients, they begin to really connect the dots how their stress levels will influence their pain, as well as what environment they may be in or who they’re with.

So, what should you do with this?

Take an inventory of your pain, and note when your pain goes up or down related to your stress, who you’re with, what doctors or others have told you about your issue, where you are, and what you’re thinking.