Unlikely Collaboration: How a PT and an English Teacher Joined Forces to Reach Their Goals!

Macy, one of our skilled physical therapists, has teamed up with her patient Sarah, who happens to be an English teacher, to form a reading partnership. As part of Macy’s New Year’s resolution to read more books, the two have decided to read a book each month and discuss it during Sarah’s PT sessions.

What’s great about their arrangement is that it’s not just Macy who’s benefiting from the partnership. Sarah is suggesting books to Macy based on her background in English literature, which helps Macy expand her reading list beyond her usual preferences.

Meanwhile, Macy is sharing her physical therapy expertise with Sarah to help her achieve her physical goals.

Their partnership is not a formal book club, but rather a fun and collaborative way for them to support each other in their personal and professional goals.

We love to see our patients building connections and finding unique ways to support each other!