WPT Principles Ep.3 | Perspective

Some folks love him, some folks hate him. No matter how you feel about Tiger, or if you don’t give a damn about him at all, no one can deny how much of a competitor he is. The guy loves to compete. There’s no way you can achieve what he has without it.

One thing that isn’t necessary to be a great competitor in sports in a healthy PERSPECTIVE. Some of the most accomplished athletes and competitors in the world have been solely focused on one thing at the expense of anything else. And they’ve had failed relationships, drug addictions and a host of other problems.

So, back to Tiger. I did catch part of his first interview since his car crash back in February. The biggest takeaway I had following the interview was his perspective. He said he’s just lucky to have both legs, because there was a 50/50 chance they were going to have to be amputated.

“I don’t have to compete against the best golfers in the world to have a great life”. This is a direct quote coming from one of, if not the greatest golfer of all time. This guy is a competitor. But, due to his circumstance, he’s having to reconsider his perspective on life and his golf career.

And to me, it seems healthy. This is because the reality is, our perspective can shift our lives so dramatically. Our inner talk and the way we see ourselves and our circumstance can have a massive impact on how great our life is.

So, take some extra time to listen to the words being spoken in your own head. Is your perspective healthy?