Can You SQUAT??

If you have trouble getting into a deep squat, it’ll present itself in a number of ways – all problematic.

Ever have any trouble getting up from a really low chair if it doesn’t have arm rests? Ever have trouble getting up from the ground, if you don’t have something to use your arms to pull yourself up?

I would argue that squatting is the most foundational human movement. It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to normal functioning, and if you can’t do it your body will start to compensate, which can lead to all sorts of problems down the road.

If you can get into a squat with help from the strap, as demonstrated in the video, that means you have the mobility in your hips, knees and ankles to get there. You just need to retrain your body and brain to move the correct ways, with the correct balance.

If you can’t squat with the help of a strap, or it hurts, don’t just assume “I’m getting old, squatting isn’t for me anymore”. This will haunt you as you get older, and rob you of being independent as long as you possibly can. As people age, most often the first thing that limits their independence is directly related to their inability to squat down.

Get the help you need so you can stay strong, be independent, and age like a champion!