What does a snake do before it attacks?? That’s right – Recoil. They need to spring. Golf is a rotational sport, and it requires recoil in order to unleash good club head speed and have good impact.

Think about how much less power and ball contact a MLB batter like Mark McGuire would have if he tried to move his hips and arms at the same time as the ball was coming. Yes, the steroids helped him hit it long, but so did his sequence and his hip and trunk mobility.

We’re not just talking about power here, though. Every single good ball striker has the same sequence as they swing the club. At the top of the backswing, they first start to rotate their hips, then their trunk, then their hands, then the club follows. If this sequence is off, bad things are gonna happen!

This correct sequence requires you to be able to move your hips independently from your trunk. If they’re moving together, you’re going to need the club face to be manipulated by your hands in order to have good contact. And that’s not a reliable outcome, trust me.

Try these 3 exercises in order to help your trunk rotate separately from your hips. One of them can actually be done out on the course – who cares what your buddies think! They’ll be doing them too, once you stripe one down the fairway!