DIMs and SIMs

If you’re going to have more control over your chronic pain, you need to become more familiar with DIMs and SIMs. This is essential because if you can increase the SIMs in your life, and at the same time decrease the DIMs, you’re so much more likely to decrease your pain and take back control of your life!

DIMs (Danger in Me) represent ANYTHING that is dangerous to your body tissues, your lifestyle, job, happiness, or your day to day function.

SIMs (Safety in Me) is just the opposite. They are ANYTHING that makes you feel like a more confident, stronger, happier, healthier version of yourself.

Examples of DIMs would be things like looking at an X-Ray or reading a radiology report without knowing what all of those big, scary words mean. Or thinking “this pain is going to last forever”, or “it’s just old age”. Other examples would be if you’re depressed or anxious, or even an out of date healthcare provider.

Examples of SIMs would be sayings like “there’s light at the end of the tunnel”, and “I understand what’s happening to me”. It could be going to a baseball game with a dear friend or a family member you love spending time with. Being happy and optimistic are SIMs. Another example would be a belief in your healthcare provider that they can layout a good path for recovery.