Check out the image to get a sense of what moves your “Indicator” up and down. If you have chronic pain, you know this is true. Sometimes you don’t feel too bad. You’re able to move around and do most of what you need to do. Other times, you feel terrible and you’re in a lot of pain. It’s hard to make sense of why that happens. Here’s an explanation. Where there is more evidence of “Danger in Me” than there is evidence of “Safety in Me”, you’ll experience pain. Conversely, if you have much more evidence of “Safety in Me” than “Danger in Me”, you won’t have pain, or have much less pain.

In the next blog and video, we’re going to expand on the notion of DIMs and SIMs (Dangers in Me and Safety in Me), because the more you know how to increase the SIMs and decrease the DIMs, the more control you’ll have over your pain!