Injury to Recovery, Andi’s Physical Therapy Success Story

While on a trip to Nashville in November of 2021, Andi fell and broke her tibia and fibula.  She recalled the accident, “I remember getting up to use the bathroom and next thing I knew my foot was in the wall and there was a good amount of skin ripped from my face.”

She rushed to the hospital. Andi received surgery two weeks later and began physical therapy at the same facility as her procedure. However, after many visits, she wasn’t making the progress she wanted.

“I was walking like a duck. Towards the end of my care, I was just lightly walking on the treadmill. I could be doing that at home. I needed to be challenged.”

Andi’s husband was a former patient at WPT and recommended she give us a call. Our patient specialist listened to her story, and matched her with Tyra as her personal physical therapist. n

“Tyra put me to work immediately. For the first time I was leaving physical therapy sweaty. Within the first 2-3 weeks I was already noticing a difference.”

Andi put in a serious effort, and pushed through the physical exercises Tyra designed for her. Her effort paid off in a big way. Andi is now on her way to a full recovery and even has plans to do her first 5k run in 2023.

We’re cheering you on, Andi!