In the last video, I equated our Nerves to an Alarm System in your house.

Well, in chronic pain something’s happened to where anytime a leaf blows by in the wrong direction, the whistles begin and the sirens blare.

Here’s what I mean – your nerves over time have gotten so sensitive to any little movement, or increase in your stress levels, or a change in temperature (or any number of other things), that even small changes in your baseline send you into pain.

The longer the pain persists, the more likely those nerves will remain really close to the line that ignites the sirens!

Those of you having persistent pain will now be asking “well, how the heck do I get my nerves to calm down and lower their levels?”

Great question! Here are the 4 things that will get them to calm down.

  1. Education

  2. Blood Flow

  3. Oxygen

  4. Medication

The primary purpose of me doing all of these videos about chronic pain is to help you understand what’s going on, because the more you’re educated about what’s going on the less pain you’ll experience. They’ve actually done studies and have shown that healthcare workers that have similar injuries as non-healthcare workers are WAY less likely to have chronic pain! This makes sense because the alarm will stay on when there are more questions than answers.