Nerves = Alarm System

Nerves Are Like an Alarm System for Your Body.

Nerves always have a little bit of electricity traveling through them, which is normal and means you’re alive! Sometimes the electrical signals can go up or down, based on things like stress, temperature, movements, pressure in your skin, etc.

Nerves also have thresholds, and when they get ‘excited’ enough to reach the threshold, the alarm goes off. A signal gets sent to your brain, so your brain can make sense of what’s going on and take the appropriate action. If you stepped on a rusted nail, you’d want to know about it! You’d want to know, so that you can get a tetanus shot, make sure the nail is out, and walk funny to take the pressure off of the injured part of your foot.

Once you get things addressed, the alarm system shuts off.

That’s what SHOULD happen. HOWEVER, in chronic pain, this is not the case.

In the next video you’ll understand how these nerve levels can go haywire in chronic pain. Stay tuned, cause the more you know about chronic pain the easier it is to overcome it.